Our Mission

The Literacy Network of Kansas (LiNK) was created as part of a statewide effort to bring together organizations throughout the state that share a mission related to the literacy growth and development of Kansas citizens.

Our mission revolves around three core principles: Connecting, Contributing, and Collaborating.


We strive to connect Kansas parents, educators, and citizens to literacy-focused organizations that can serve their needs. We also want to provide a venue to connect Kansans to each other in conversations about all aspects of literacy. We also work to connect literacy-focused organizations to each other and identify opportunities for our partner organizations to work together to achieve common goals or to enhance each other's projects, events, and services.


Our LiNK team is eager to collaborate with parents, educators, and citizens in order to promote positive literacy experiences for all Kansans. Reach out to us on social media, be sure to join our FB community and regularly participate in conversations, share resources, and meet others throughout the state who are also interested in improving literacy efforts in Kansas.


We look for opportunities to contribute to local, state, national, and international conversations about literacy. We do this by maintaining an active and evolving social media presence, developing and vetting helpful tools for parents, educators, and citizens , and conducting and communicating about literacy-relevant research and studies that enhance growing bodies of knowledge around literacy-related topics.